About us

Our product was created out of pure love, a love for a teenage girl who wanted a cool, vibrant and exciting hair color. One day my business partner faced a dilemma: whether or not to allow his one and only daughter, Paige, to dye her hair pink. He asked me, “What should I do?” I said, “Why not? Everyone does it.” Then we checked the labels of semi-permanent hair dyes in the market. We must have checked almost all the brands. Unfortunately, they all contained dangerous chemicals and synthetic ingredients. After careful consideration, we decided to create our own semi-permanent hair dyes. We knew we can do better, and so we did!

Thanks to our Paige, we are now the proud creators/owners of Iroiro, a superior semi-permanent hair dye. We are proud to say that we make our own semi-permanent hair dyes on our own premises in small batches. Our formula is completely different from those of other leading brands, and we did not cut any corners. Our Iroiro semi-permanent hair dye contains natural ingredients, including pure coconut oil, as extra conditioner and natural Yuzu-cranberry fragrance for your enjoyment. We have also put as much thought into our packaging. Instead of using conventional plastic bottles or jars, we have reduced 70% of our carbon footprint by using our eco-pouches. Because our semi-permanent hair dyes are packaged in pouches, you can squeeze out every drop of natural vibrant hair color.

We have never tested on animals; we tested only on our friends and family. Paige was our inspiration to create something special, and we will continue to deliver new products in the future. Please enjoy Iroiro semi-permanent hair dye as our Paige does.